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December 24, 2004
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Out of the Blue by naon Out of the Blue by naon
Something quick and fairly small, with a fairly limited color scheme. Though I've been kinda nitpicking at it for the last two hours or so, in between wrapping my brains out (gnah). I proclaim it finished!!!..... for now :P (that applies to both the image and the wrapping, of course). Emily is myself..
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biocoal Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
Nice, very nice. I like it.
DBZchick Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! Love how you made even her blonde hair bluish without overdueing it.
naon Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007
Thank you.... again! :O
kitton Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the monochrome. there are some technical errors [anatomical, lack of background, so fourt] but these are probably more stylistic then anything. I think you did a fabulous job with the textures! Her eyes and face looks excellent! The texture in her hair, as well as the detail, is quite lovely!
naon Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
Whoa. Amazing. An actual critique! I have dreamed of this day for years! I may cry, it's so beautiful ;)

I agree that there are errors, now that it's been over a month since I've done it, they're really starting to come out. You're totally right ^^ Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your honest opinion about it too- so few people bother :)
kitton Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome :D feel free to note me the urls to any pieces you want critiqued. I'm usually busy so I might not respond for a few days but I should get back to you pretty fast :D
DrunkardHu Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2005
This is one great picture to serve as your avatar icon. Love the usuage of the limited colour (though I cannot offer real criticism as I am not good with colouirng stuff) and the mood you build up.

If I got anything onto this picture, I think its the cloth wrinkle between the two breasts. To me, its way too tight since I feel the tanktop (?) is rather loose and such a loose cloth won't stuck right into the flesh of the character.

Anyway, this is one picture should be fav+. ;)
naon Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005
You're right, it does look a bit strange. Thanks for the crit and comment ^^
GreyOfPTA Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004
Nice work! Reminds me of 1970's painting styles.
naon Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2005
.......hmmm. Now I have to look at them, don't I? :D
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